We personally recover the raw materials deriving from factory production waste

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Pure Eco-Cashmere Knitwear Made in Italy

Most clothing produced in the garment industry today derives from the global movement of mass-production, often employing the same, poor quality material and superficial workmanship. With Eco-Cashmere, our idea was to make a product using select fabrics that would combine the history and tradition of Prato craftsmanship and the esteemed quality of Made in Italy knitwear. Our ECO-CASHMERE, or regenerated cashmere, is a pure cashmere yarn produced with low environmental impact, following the principles of a circular economy.

  • Women’s Eco-Cashmere V-neck Sweater, Relaxed-Fit

    139,00 Select options
  • Women’s Eco-Cashmere Braided Turtleneck

    149,00 Select options
  • Men’s Eco-Cashmere Crewneck

    119,00 Select options
  • Men’s Eco-Cashmere Vest

    99,00 Select options
  • Men’s Eco-Cashmere Hoodie

    149,00 Select options
  • Men’s Eco-Cashmere Turtleneck

    129,00 Select options
  • Poncho Angelica donna in Eco-Cashmere

    159,00 Select options
  • Women’s V-neck Sweater in Eco-Cashmere

    109,00 Select options
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We are proud to offer a quality product, made entirely in Italy with Italian hands.

— Papini Cashmere
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Papini Cashmere’s new look!

We feel so inspired by our regenerated cashmere yarns, we have decided to renew our logo! Our old logo, which we are still very fond of, has a classic feel that represents the craftsmanship and tradition of Made in Italy.
 However, its design was communicating a style that almost anchored it to the past; it wasn’t evolving with a business that was radically changing. More importantly, it did not reflect our values of sustainability and respect for the planet.

Hence, our new logo was born. Its comprehensive, careful design uses its imperfections to perfectly combine our vision of regeneration and craftsmanship. The angular lettering leaves room for a personal interpretation of our brand; an abstract representation of woven fibers, whose threads skillfully reconstruct what may seem just a letter to some, the F and the P from the old logo; while to others, at first glance, it might recall the animal from which this noble fiber is sourced..

— Papini Cashmere, artisanally crafted in Italy
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Our Eco-Cashmere regenerated knitwear, Made in Italy for men and women, is available online and in our store

Our pure Eco-Cashmere Made in Italy collection is made to dress all generations. Our garments are comfortable, light and elegant at the same time, thanks to the quality of our regenerated yarn. In our collection, you will find sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats, cardigans and more.

Cashmere is a luxurious fabric that keeps you warm, protecting you with its softness from the cold winter season. While undoubtedly a high-end fabric, our mission has been to make these fine garments available to a wide range of clientele.

As of this year, we have opened our first showroom in Prato on Via Francesco Ferrucci, 95/H. Our customers can now visit our store to discover, try on and purchase the latest additions to our collections.

Men’s Regenerated Eco-Cashmere Collection

Our men’s knitwear collection primarily consists of heavy sweaters, light mid-season sweaters and cardigans in pure cashmere, handcrafted with Made in Italy expertise. Discover the entire collection inside our shop.

Women’s Regenerated Eco-Cashmere Collection

Our women’s knitwear collection includes cardigans, jackets, dresses, braided knits, stoles and ponchos, handcrafted in pure cashmere with Made in Italy expertise. This clothing line is designed entirely with the intention of enhancing the elegance of the female figure.